The pipe cleaning system
For removing deposits in pipes and lines
For removing deposits in pipes and lines
The alternative to self-rotating cleaning nozzles

PIPEMASTER pipe cleaning system

The PIPEMASTER is a manually operated rotary drive system for high-pressure hoses. In combination with a cleaning head, it is used to remove both soft and very hard deposits in straight or curved pipes and pipelines. As an alternative to self-rotating cleaning nozzles, the rotary action is achieved via rotation of the high-pressure hose. The low rotation speeds of the high-pressure hose allows for particularly hard deposits to be removed reliably. The system is easy and safe to operate.


Your advantages at a glance

Maximum safety in every area.
Easy adjustment of the hose direction.
Cleaning without a shoulder, starting from the first centimeter. No manual reworking necessary.
Effective cleaning for pipelines up to 300 m.
Infinitely adjustable hose speed, easily adjustable, even during work.
Cleaning possible via pipe bridges.

Design of a PIPEMASTER pipe cleaning system

PIPEMASTER pipe cleaning system


The PIPEMASTER is responsible for twisting the hose in and out of the pipeline. The gearbox is pneumatically driven as well as infinitely variable.


Feed unit


The feed unit secures the rotating high-pressure hose and forwards it through two roller units. The lever determines the angle of the rollers so that they rotate the hose either forwards or backwards.


Safety gear


The safety gear is equipped with a quiver tube in which the cleaning nozzle is safely and securely located. From here, high-pressure cleaning can be carried out directly and pipes can be freed from deposits from the very first centimeter.


Rotating union and rotary joint

The rotating union is located under the protective hood, safely covered. The rotary connection is available as DN13 and DN20 version and offers operating pressures up to 3000 bar. For maximum safety, a rotating coupling prevents the hose from running over the dirt in the pipeline and being damaged in the event of a pump failure. The swivel coupling only allows the hose to rotate above 300 bar.


Rotary connection


Rotary joint


Feed and return of the high-pressure hose

With the feed unit, the rotating high-pressure hose can be easily moved into and out of the pipe. To do this, the lever must be adjusted from the neutral position to the right or left accordingly. This is done quickly and easily during the work.


Lever direction PIPEMASTER:
Reverse thrust from the pipe


Lever direction pipe:
Feed into the pipe



PIPEMASTER drill pipe cleaner

Pipemaster Bohrgestängereiniger

Device for cleaning the inside of drill pipes with various inner diameters. A lance equipped with spray bar is fed axially into the rotating pipe.


Fan jet spray bar


Rotating pipe (at customer)

Rotierendes Rohr

Lance guide


PIPEMASTER XL heat exchanger cleaning

Pipemaster Wärmetauschereinigung
Pipemaster XL

Hydraulic control system

Pipemaster XL

Lance feed unit

Pipemaster XL

Rotating lance


Cleaning pipes and lines

Clean pipes and lines reliably

Clean pipes and lines reliably

Regular cleaning work in pipes and lines can be essential. This makes it all the more important that you can rely on the technology.

AQUAMAT guide sled for cleaning pipes

AQUAMAT guide sled for cleaning pipes

In combination with guide sleds, AQUAMAT tank cleaning units can also be used for pipe cleaning and effectively remove remove dirt and deposits.

TURBOJET Turbo nozzles

TURBOJET - pipe cleaning thanks to fast rotating nozzle body

Thanks to their fast rotating nozzle body, TURBOJET turbo nozzles are suitable for cleaning (half) blocked pipes and lines - for a wide range of diameters.

MASTERJET flange cleaner

MASTERJET flange cleaner

Work safety and quality in the cleaning of flanges becomes a simple and quickly task with our flange cleaner. It can be easily adapted to every cleaning task.


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