PIPEMASTER rotating device

PIPEMASTER rotating device

Manually operated rotary drive system for high-pressure hoses

For removing deposits from pipes and lines


Operating principle of a PIPEMASTER rotary drive system

Pipemaster Schlauchdrehvorrichtung

The Pipemaster is a manually operated rotary drive system for high-pressure hoses. It is used to remove both soft and very hard deposits in straight or curved pipes and pipelines. As an alternative to self-rotating cleaning nozzles, the rotary action is achieved via rotation of the high-pressure hose. The low rotation speeds of the high-pressure hose mean that particularly hard deposits can be removed. The system is easy to operate.

Inner hose diameter: 0.31 and 0.47 inch [8 and 12 mm]
Max. operating pressure: 43k psi [3000 bar]

Inner hose diameter: 0.78 inch [20 mm]
Max. operating pressure: 23k psi [1600 bar]


Rotary drive

The high-pressure hose leading from the high-pressure pump is connected to the device using a rotary connection.

A second high-pressure hose leads from the rotary drive via the hose feed to the object to be cleaned. The rotation of this high-pressure hose around its longitudinal axis is effected by a chain drive from the air motor to the rotary connection. In this way, the rotation speed can be infinitely adjusted using the throttle check valves.

The rotary drive is driven by 110 m³/hr of compressed air at 40 psi [2.8 bar] and comprises an air motor with gearbox, a maintenance unit, the high-pressure rotary connection and a pneumatic control system.


Hose feed

The control lever changes the angle of the feed rollers from full forward via zero to full backward.

The maximum feed rate is 5 ft./min [1,6 m/min] and can be infinitely adjusted by means of the control lever.


Direction of motion

Changing the angle of the three contact wheels will cause the hose to move forward or backward. The feed unit is mounted on a sturdy base plate and comprises a height-adjustable lever for feeding or retracting the hose, as well as a remote control for operating the rotary drive.

Positioning device

A non-rotating protective guide hose is fitted between the hose feed and positioning device or hose connection on the pipe. This enables cleaning in pipes that are difficult to access. The positioning device enables easy and secure insertion of the hose into the pipe.

The spray guard prevents the cleaning nozzle from being accidentally pulled out of the pipe. The positioning device shown here is used with pipe diameters up to 40 mm.

PIPEMASTER drill pipe cleaner

Pipemaster drill pipe cleaner

Device for cleaning the inside of drill pipes with various inner diameters. A lance equipped with spray bar is fed axially into the rotating pipe.

Fan jet spray bar

Fan jet spray bar

Rotating pipe

Rotating pipe (at customer)

Lance guide

Lance guide


PIPEMASTER XL heat exchanger cleaning

Pipemaster heat exchanger cleaning

Device for cleaning the inside of drill pipes with various inner diameters. A lance equipped with spray bar is fed axially into the rotating pipe.

Pipemaster XL

Hydraulic control system

Pipemaster XL

Lance feed unit

Pipemaster XL

Rotating lance


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