High precision and modern technology
High precision and modern technology
Accessories for your high-pressure system

Water hydraulics

Hammelmann offers numerous different high-pressure valves. The latest materials and high levels of manufacturing precision guarantee optimal safety and reliability.

Product ranges in water hydraulics

Pressure control valves

Pressure control valves keep the desired operating pressure in the system at a constant level and are also used for depressurizing the system.

Switching valves

Switching valves divide the flow produced by the high-pressure pump between several water tools either uniformly or according to requirements.

Check valves

Check valves completely prevent the return flow of water so that the consumer can also be operated far above the pump without accidentally filling the hose with air.

Pressure maintaining valves

Pressure maintaining valves prevent water from escaping from the connected water tool when in depressurized idle running.


Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves enable various water tools to be activated or deactivated (e.g. in washing and deburring systems).

Safety valves

Safety valves are used to protect processes and plant components against excessively high operating pressures.

Splitter nozzles

Splitter nozzles reduce wear in pressure control valves.


Rotary connections

Corrosion-resistant rotary connections act both as rotating high-pressure sealing elements and also as connections for water tools. Different sealing systems are used depending on the application.

Rotary drives

Corrosion-resistant rotary drives set water tools in rotation while also ensuring rotary high-pressure sealing.

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