TURBOJET turbo nozzles
TURBOJET turbo nozzles
A new generation
Powerful, durable and lightweight
Powerful, durable and lightweight
Discover the new TURBOJET
TURBOJET turbo nozzles
TURBOJET turbo nozzles
A new generation
Powerful, durable and lightweight
Powerful, durable and lightweight
Discover the new TURBOJET

TURBOJET turbo nozzles

Turbo nozzles from the TURBOJET series are available in diameters DN 13.5 and DN 19 and have a modular design. This makes the system highly flexible. Individual components can be combined with each other and the performance can be adapted to a wide range of cleaning tasks. The operating pressure, cleaning intensity and thrust force are influenced. At a constant speed, streak-free, thorough results are achieved, and a powerful, forward-facing clearing nozzle removes blockages in the pipe. Depending on the configuration, operating pressures of up to 1650 bar or a flow of up to 45 l/min are possible.


Advantages at a glance

Long-lasting sealing system
Safe and ergonomic
Highest output
Gentle and precise
Easy maintenance
No use of chemicals

Clean reliably

The basic principle of the TURBOJET series is always the same: each nozzle setup consists of three components, the combination of which determines the operating pressure, cleaning intensity, thrust force, and - via the connecting sleeve - thread type.

The powerful clearing nozzle cleans even severe blockages easily and reliably. The small size makes it easy for the TURBOJET to go through slight pipe curves. The constant speed leads to streak-free, homogeneous removal results.


Typical areas of application

  • Automatic cleaning of heat exchangers using devices
  • Manual cleaning of heat exchangers, condensers, coolers, etc.
  • Cleaning of ducts, pipes, ash water pipes, exhaust pipes, etc.
  • Cleaning curved and difficult to access pipes

The design of the TURBOJET

The TURBOJET is easy to maintain and consists of just a few parts that can be easily separated from each other.

1 Clearing nozzle

2 Dismantling holes

3 Drive nozzles

4 Relief bore

5 Connection thread

6 Rotor head


7 Round wire snap ring

8 Carrier

9 Sealing ring

10 Connection sleeve

11 Protective plug


Technical data


DN 13,5

DN 19


Recommended operating pressure

800 - 1650 bar

800 - 1650 bar


Flow rate

17 - 40 l/min

17 - 45 l/min


Suitable for inner pipe diameter

15 - 24 mm

22 - 34 mm


Standard connection thread 1

G 1/8

G 1/4


Thread position




Nominal diameter DN

3,2 mm

5 mm


Max. diameter

13,5 mm

19 mm



60 mm

77 mm



0,06 kg

0,13 kg


1 Optional threaded connection sleeves: DN 13.5: 1/8 NPT, M8, M10x1, 3/8 - 24 UNC • DN 19: 1/4 - 18 NPT, M14x1.5 - LH, M10x1, 9/16 - 18 UNC


Combine all available cleaning heads, thrust nozzles and connection adapters

Intensive pipe cleaning, thanks to the evenly rotating head, is carried out by the recoil force of the nozzles. Adapt the cleaning pattern precisely to your applications using the many possible combinations of the three modules. Do you want a strong boost, do you want intensive cleaning performance, or do you want to use as little water as possible to dispose of less contaminated wastewater? You have the choice.


Quickly adapt to your use case

Whether on-site requirements change or you want to run a test with different heads to figure out the best set-up: Simply replace your rotor head on site and adapt the work result to your requirements. The swap is quick and easy, using a simple tool. The other modules can be opened with open-end wrenches and changed easily, giving you full control over the three product properties - operating pressure, cleaning intensity, and thrust force - to achieve perfect work results. The alternative connection sleeves allow you to create a reliable connection to your high-pressure hose. Many alternative connection threads are available.


Two diameters available: DN 13,5 / DN 19

Simply levered out: with a tool

Quickly exchanged: the rotor head

Many nozzle variants: Perfectly customizable


Cleaning pipes and lines

Industrial cleaning - individual product solutions

Industrial cleaning - individual product solutions

Industrial cleaning is a versatile job - clean tanks, containers, surfaces, heat exchangers and coolers as well as large-area production and machine halls.

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