Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning

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Typical practical applications:


Cleaning heat exchangers, condensers and coolers

Cleaning vessels, autoclaves, reactors, tanks

Building and system repairs, cleaning production and machine halls

Derusting, paint removal, decoating


Cleaning machine components, profiles, fittings and other metal surfaces

Removal of graffiti

Paint removal from gratings and cleaning


More time for work, less effort for cleaning

Aquablast® cleaning line

The cleaning system is suitable for cleaning many elements in different shapes and sizes


A wide variety of components are exposed to massive load and dirt in professional industrial use. This leads to increased wear, often to a higher weight of the parts and an exchange of the material is necessary frequently. Regular cleaning of the elements noticeably extends the service life, handling is improved by the lower weight and physical stress is reduced.

The elements are usually cleaned manually with a high-pressure gun. A manual process that is time-consuming and certainly has the potential for injury. Hammelmann‘s unique cleaning system is a semi-automatic system that makes cleaning easier, faster and easier to plan. Occupational safety is significantly improved and the costs for wages and energy use are also reduced.


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