THERMOJET hot water unit

THERMOJET hot water unit

Easy removal of soiling with 95 °C water temperature


The hot-water unit with Thermojet technology

In practice


Thermojet in operation


Increased cleaning performance


Robust industrial engine


Safe operation


High mobility


Road-driven unit with total weight of approx. 2 tons


Tool storage space in the rear of the unit


Thermojet – advantages & properties

The high-endurance unit in outstanding quality


  • Long service life of all high-pressure components thanks to optimal valve and sealing technology, the use of high-quality materials and precise series production on state-of-the-art machines
  • Permanent corrosion resistance of the fluid end
  • High level of operational safety and long maintenance intervals thanks to hermetic sealing of the gearbox with patented bellows system
  • Leak-free pump thanks to layout of all high-pressure components under alternating pressure inside the pump housing
  • Significant advantages in operating costs – the pump is designed for at least 25,000 operating hours under full load
  • High reliability in continuous operation thanks to power reserves on the high-pressure pump, drive motor and all components

Heating module


  • Well suited for the removal of contamination containing oil
  • Water jet with temperatures up to 95 °C
  • ES3 optimized for operation and configuration of the Thermojet
  • High efficiency thanks to simultaneously operating burner (160 kW)
  • High-pressure safety valve and temperature limiter

Energy savings as a result of high efficiency


  • High efficiency – the high-pressure pump converts 95 % of the shaft power into hydraulic energy
  • Smooth running thanks to low speed when at maximum power
  • Low diesel consumption due to state-of-the-art engines

Safe operation


  • Everything under control. Control, monitoring and nozzle calculation with Hammelmann ES3 computer. Intuitive user guidance in many languages. All key operating data at a glance.
  • Quickly ready for operation thanks to easily accessible supply and high-pressure connections
  • Maximum operational safety due to mechanical or pneumatic (optional) pressure control valve

Robust industrial engine


  • Economical industrial engines from brand manufacturers
  • High power reserves: 37 kW engines for 26 kW genuine pump output

High mobility


  • Quiet system thanks to premium noise insulation [≤ 75 dB(A) at 7 meters], [≤ 86 dB(A) at 1 meter]
  • Environmentally safe operation thanks to completely closed aluminum collecting tray
  • Large fuel reserves. At least 8 hours of operation thanks to large internal fuel tank
  • High-quality tandem chassis with overrun brake, chassis completely hot galvanized
  • Easy to position via four-point lifting lugs


Design of a Thermojet hot-water unit

Overview of Thermojet

Thermojet heating unit


HDP 32 high-pressure pump


Diesel motor


Technical data



Plunger Ø

26 mm

Operating pressure

500 bar

Flow rate

28 l/min

Motor output

37 kW

Pump output

26 kW

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