The new lightweight in the ring!
The new lightweight in the ring!
Your unbeatable winner on points.
Designed for particularly small and medium-sized tank openings

AQUAMAT S 600 Tank cleaning unit

The Aquamat S 600 tank cleaning unit has been developed for particularly small and medium-sized tank openings. Optional nozzle holders to meet every demand.


Your advantages at a glance

Low wear and tear due to almost frictionless parts
Easy handling, flexible application options, short set-up times
Rugged design for simple maintenance and servicing
Suitable for small tank openings, especially IBC containers
High quality design with corrosion resistant materials
Speed adjustable, via eddy current brake
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Powerful and versatile

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Great cleaning performance
  • Focused water jets for maximum cutting performance and distance 
  • Minimum pressure losses resulting in high efficiency 
  • Suitable for use with hot water 

Compact build
  • Access to small tank or container openings

Low power requirement (max. 40 kW)
  • Operation possible with “small” pump units thanks to frictionless sealing system
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Economical operation

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High operational reliability and simple design
  • Reliable – long service life - low operating and maintenance costs
  • Wear-resistant, infinitely variable braking system

No consumables required, no inboard gear with grease or oil filling

Areas of application of the AQUAMAT S 600

  • Cleaning of containers with particularly narrow openings (from Ø 98 mm), for example IBC containers
  • Cleaning of road tanker and tank cars
  • Cleaning of reactors and autoclaves
  • Cleaning of smaller, mobile storage tanks and barrels
  • Cleaning silos in construction and agriculture
  • Cleaning of paint mixing and agitator vessels
  • Cleaning ASF disposal containers, hazardous material containers, etc.

Technical Details


Minimum diameter of the tank opening

Length or height



Maximum operating pressure:
600 bar

Gear ratio angle drive:
i = 2,15

Recommended max. flow rate:
100 liters/min

4,9 kg

Speed nozzle holder:
approx. 50 – 250 1/min

Connection thread:
G 3/8” Internal

Speed housing:
approx. 23 – 116 1/min

Nozzle type:
Type P – M10


Cleaning medium:
Water & light alkalis (pH 6.5 - 8.5) / Water temperature: max. 95 °C


Versatile application

Accessories and configuration
  • Accessories and connection options
  • Nozzle holders for variable configuration
  • Rigid extension lances available in different lengths; connection thread G 3/8“
  • Pulling device

Cleaning of vessels, tanks and containers

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All AQUAMAT models

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