Cleaning and hygiene in the food industry



Keep on top of the hygiene regulations in the food industry

Businesses that process and market food products are subject to numerous national and international legislations in order to ensure food safety and food health at all times. As a result, food hygiene requirements cover all areas of a business – from primary production through production itself, processing and ultimately also sales. Hammelmann offers powerful and innovative cleaning systems for each of these areas and every requirement. This is why we focus intensely on the safety and reliability of our products because we know that unsafe food products due to contaminated and unhygienic production equipment must not be brought to market and can cause huge financial damage. This can also lead to important certifications being lost. Well-coordinated systems from a single source have always proven to be the best solution.


Reliable systems from a single source

Our cleaning systems are as unique as our customers and their challenges. At Hammelmann we will support you from the very first contact with us and we apply the principle that there is solution for every requirement! Therefore, take advantage of the advice from our experts and develop your system with us.

  • Take advantage of the advice from our experts
  • Joint development of a suitable cleaning solution
  • Installations and training available

Clean tanks and vessels thoroughly and quickly

Hammelmann tank cleaning devices remove deposits and caking from the inside walls of vessels and installations with a wide range of diameters and with operating pressures up to 1800 bar. The devices are driven solely by the recoil forces of the water jets. Hammelmann supplies a wide range of nozzle holders to cover the many different applications. The tank cleaning devices can be fitted with one or two nozzle holders.


Adapted to the specific requirements of the food industry

Vessels used for food processing are subject to the strictest of hygiene requirements. Essential standards guarantee high food safety and quality and reduce risks of hazards. In order to obtain important certifications that are also relevant for marketing, several issues must be complied with. Hammelmann tank cleaning devices can therefore be produced with FDA-certified components. This means that vessels can be cleaned thoroughly and reliably removing residue materials and contaminations of all types and then prepared for further production steps. Depending on the use case the tank cleaning devices can be operated with cold or hot water, and also with or without the addition of a food cleaner, and this will help you comply with the standards and obtain certifications.


Optimum cleaning of stationary and mobile vessels

Hammelmann offers you a solution for whatever you want to clean, whether this is high-performance pump units for stationary production equipment or highly-mobile tank cleaning systems for flexible use at many different locations:

  • Tankers and fruit juice tankers
  • Refrigeration, thermo and box trailers
  • Milk transport vehicles

Cleaning In Place - Cleaning without disassembly thanks to CIP pumps

CIP cannot only be integrated into comprehensive production equipment, but also into different areas within one single process pump. When conveying food products the pump must undergo regular cleaning processes. To ensure the complete rinsing of all areas within the process pump, two cleaning cycles are performed per cleaning agent.


Process technology requirements

HAMPRO® CIP-capable process pump

HAMPRO® process pumps with a CIP-function are manufactured under the highest quality standards and have perfect control of the rinsing process. Adjust the flow rate and speed to your cleaning agent to achieve maximum results. A fast and efficient recoil system along with many adjustable parameters underpin effective pump cleaning.

  • No need to disassemble the pump
  • Easily reproducible cleaning results
  • Reliable compliance with hygiene regulations
  • Fast cleaning times, low cleaning costs, very energy-efficient
Food industry

Food industry

Extracting, cutting, preserving and pasteurizing food at high pressure - new and gentle processes in Hammelmann quality for your food.

Industrial cleaning - individual product solutions

Industrial cleaning - individual product solutions

Industrial cleaning is a versatile job - clean tanks, containers, surfaces, heat exchangers and coolers as well as large-area production and machine halls.

Everything about tank cleaning

Everything about tank cleaning

Vessels and tanks are a regular part of many applications and are therefore subject to strict cleaning routines. For a wide variety of diameters.

Cleaning In Place - Cleaning without disassembly thanks to CIP pumps

Cleaning In Place - Cleaning without disassembly thanks to CIP pumps

CIP can be integrated not only into extensive production plants, but also into different areas within a single process pump.


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