Cleaning In Place - Cleaning without disassembly thanks to CIP pumps

Cleaning In Place - Cleaning without disassembly thanks to CIP pumps

CIP cannot only be integrated into comprehensive production equipment, but also into different areas within one single process pump. When conveying food products the pump must undergo regular cleaning processes. To ensure the complete rinsing of all areas within the process pump, two cleaning cycles are performed per cleaning agent.


Cleaning cycle 1

In the first cycle the cleaning system is connected to the suction aperture and the rinsing aperture. To reach all areas the pump must be operated continuously during this phase at high-pressure and at full operating speed.

Cleaning cycle 2

The second cleaning cycle performs a backwashing from the cleaning opening to the suction opening of the pump. The pump is not operated during this cycle.


Process technology requirements

HAMPRO® CIP-capable process pump

HAMPRO® process pumps with a CIP-function are manufactured under the highest quality standards and have perfect control of the rinsing process. Adjust the flow rate and speed to your cleaning agent to achieve maximum results. A fast and efficient recoil system along with many adjustable parameters underpin effective pump cleaning.

  • No need to disassemble the pump
  • Reliable compliance with hygiene regulations
  • Easily reproducible cleaning results
  • Fast cleaning times, low cleaning costs, very energy-efficient

Process technology in a class of its own

Process pumps

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Design features

Design features and technical details

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Direct conveying of food at high pressure

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Conveying media

Conveying media

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