Konstruktionsmerkmale & Technische Details

Design features and technical details on a Hammelmann process pump


Pump layout

Hammelmann produces Triplex, Quintuplex and Septuplex pumps in various designs, which have three, five or seven cylinders, respectively.


Pump head

The coaxial valve arrangement frees the pump head from alternating pressure loads.

Crank drive

The crank drive is hermetically sealed from the surrounding environment by the bellows seal. Thanks to the integrated reduction gear, only minimal space is required.

Suction chamber

The high-pressure pump is supplied via a central connection on the suction chamber. The suction chamber surrounds the high-pressure parts like a protective shell.

Seal set

Piston sealing is made on two levels with high-pressure and low-pressure sealing. Labyrinth or packing seal systems are available here.


Fluid end

The pumped medium is fed to the pump via the central suction connection.

From here, the medium flows along the outside of the high-pressure sleeves to the pump head and is fed into the pressurization chamber via the suction valve.

During the upward stroke, the pressure valve opens and the piston pushes out the pumped medium via the joint pressure outlet on the pump head casing.


High-pressure chamber


Pressurization chamber


Suction chamber


High-pressure seals

The unique sealing principle on the Hammelmann process pumps allows for safe and reliable continuous operation with operating pressures of up to 3800 bar.


Different sealing variations are used depending on the field of application.

Packungsabdichtung (bis 3000 bar)

Packing seal (up to 3000 bar)

Packing rings are used for the high-pressure seal. The plunger is guided by a separate bush. This packing seal is particularly suited to media with an increased dirt load.



Labyrinth seal

The extremely small, cylindrical annular gap between the plunger and labyrinth bush is used for sealing. In this intermediate chamber, the pressure is constantly reduced across the seal length. A small high-pressure leak is used as lubrication and is fed back into the suction chamber of the pump.



A range of different valve designs are available for adapting to the pumped medium.

Kegel- / Plattenventil

Conical / plate valve

Standard version


The pressure valve is designed as a conical valve and the suction valve as a ring plate valve. The sealing surfaces of both valves are combined in one space-saving component, which minimizes the detrimental space.


Double conical valve

Special version for special applications


The suction and pressure valve is designed as a conical valve.


High-flow pump head

On the pump types HAMPRO® 400, HAMPRO® 500, HAMPRO® 800 and HAMPRO® MC, the high-flow pump head is used for piston diameters of 90 mm and up.


This pump head was specially developed to handle high volumetric flows and distinguishes itself from other Hammelmann pump heads by having side-mounted valves.

The design principle allows for generous dimensioning of the valve cross-sections, resulting in low flow velocities and wear rates.

The valves and pistons can be accessed from above via individual covers for simple maintenance.


Piston speed

Average piston speed at maximum speed


Moderate piston speeds limit wear on pistons and sealing elements.


The pumps in the Quintuplex series are driven with a high power reserve. Low piston speeds increase the service life of pistons and sealing elements, and contribute to smooth running on the pump.


Bellows seal

The crank drive is sealed with bellows.


When the pump is in operation, the stroke is absorbed by the individual folds of the bellows. The deformations that occur remain in the elastic range, resulting in virtually no wear on these elements.


Compact design

Hammelmann pumps are distinguished by a high power density. This is achieved thanks to the compact design with integrated reduction gear and vertical set-up.


Thanks to the vertical design, oscillating forces are fed vertically into the substructure. Unwelcome lateral oscillations – as seen often on horizontal machines – are not generated. This increases the service life of the pistons and sealing elements.

The integrated reduction gear with double helical gearing ensures smooth running with uniform force transmission, without exerting axial force on the bearings.

Different reduction ratios allow for optimal adaptation to the drive unit. The compact design saves on intermediate gears and large rotating masses. The mechanical efficiency is over 95%.


The zero-emission principle

The zero-emission principle

Zero Emission

TA Luft, certified according to VDI 2440


Emission free design

The intermediate pump chamber can be sealed off completely from the atmosphere with a gas-tight cover and charged with nitrogen. This variant reliably prevents the unintentional release of liquids, vapors or gases, even in the event of a failure on a plunger seal.


Efficiency / life-cycle costs


Hammelmann high-pressure pumps are particularly economical in terms of the energy used. Thanks to the intelligent design, use of high-strength materials and precise manufacturing of components, 93 to 98% of the shaft power can be converted into hydraulic energy.


Typical division of life-cycle costs: The use of energy-efficient pumps has an enormous cost-saving potential and makes an important contribution in minimizing the emission of climate-damaging CO2 gases.

The economic efficiency of a high-pressure pump is defined by the amount of energy it consumes. The diagram here shows a typical division of all costs incurred by a high-pressure pump over its life cycle.

In assessing the life-cycle costs, it can be seen that the largest portion of the costs is attributable to energy consumption of the pump, whereas investment costs play a relatively small role at just 19%.


Norms / certificates / standards / directives


All Hammelmann process pumps are designed according to the following national and international standards:

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