The AQUABLAST® Line is a device for cleaning and decoating vertical or vertically inclined surfaces. It is particularly suited to treating rusted areas and/or surfaces with similar damage.

The system can be mounted on various suitable carriers (e.g. hydraulic lifts, baskets, working platforms, etc.).


Technical data

Max. operating pressure

3000 bar

Max. flow rate

40 l/min.

Working width

250 mm


120 kg

Working distance

450 - 900 mm


Design and operating principle

Pre-loaded springs ensure contact stability and a smooth start-up.

Aquablast® Line in operation
Aquablast® Line in operation

Other features:

  • Vacuum suction connection
  • The gimbal and pre-loaded springs ensure stable positioning on the surface
  • Version with electric or manual, oscillating movement available

Oscillating movement
Oscillating movement

Oscillating movement for optimal treatment of localized damage.





Aquablast® surface cleaners are carrier devices with spray bars, which can clean, demark, decoat, etc. surfaces with high pressure water.

Aquablast® Basic

AQUABLAST® Basic / Basic E

The handheld floor cleaners are available as mechanical or electrical version and convince by the ergonomic and high-performance cleaning of different surfaces.

Aquablast® Plus


Aquablast® Plus are carrier devices with spray bars, which clean surfaces with high pressure water and suck off removed substances simultaneously.

Aquablast® Drive


Cleaning large surfaces quickly and easily - this is what distinguishes the Aquablast® Drive. The driver-controlled cabin vehicle is versatile and effective.


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