Aquablast® Plus


Surface cleaning with vacuuming

Aquablast® Plus

Aquablast® Plus

The removed waste and jet water are immediately vacuumed away to a combined vacuum/filter unit, where they are separated and sent on for further disposal.

Direct suction allows the use of high-pressure water in machine halls without halting production, in multistory buildings and on roads while traffic is flowing.

Ongoing work can continue and unnecessary costs as a result of standstills and production downtimes are prevented.


Cleaning and vacuuming in a single system means a lot of time and effort can be saved

Thanks to direct suction, subsequent extra work, drying times and waiting times are kept to a minimum. Contamination of the surrounding area by water spray, mist and removed material is noticeably reduced. There are no additional set-up costs and complex preparation of the work area is not necessary.

Countless different applications

  • Removal of surface coatings, paint and rust on metal surfaces, e.g. ship hulls and storage tanks
  • Cleaning of storage spaces, floors, machine halls and facades
  • Roughening of concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Removal of markings on roads, parking and storage spaces in production halls


Aquablast® Plus models

Numerous applications

Maximum flexibility

Aquablast® Plus FRV 1000

Aquablast® Plus FRV 1000


Working width: 500 mm

Operating pressure: up to 1000 bar

Flow rate: 160 l/min

Speed: 1500 rpm

Aquablast® Plus FRV 3000

Aquablast® Plus FRV 3000


Working width: 215 mm

Operating pressure: up to 3000 bar

Flow rate: 40 l/min

Speed: 3000 rpm

Aquablast® Plus FRWV 3000

Aquablast® Plus FRWV 3000


Working width: 140 mm

Operating pressure: up to 3000 bar

Flow rate: 19 l/min

Speed: 2500 rpm


Aquablast® Plus as attachment

Aquablast® Plus attachment

Sample image

The Aquablast® Plus cleaning and vacuuming system can be configured as an attachment for various product solutions.


Available working widths:

274 mm - 1000 mm


Typical applications:

Driver-controlled vehicle with cabin for cleaning large surfaces:


Cleaning devices for removing paint from ships:


Vacuum system

Vacuum system for suctioning off and pre-filtering the high-pressure wastewater

Dual-chamber system

Aquablast® Plus vacuum system

Vacuum system for operating Aquablast® Plus devices. The removed waste and jet water are separated in the system and sent on for further disposal.


Vessel volumes:

2 x 230 l

Required power:

5,5 kW


200 mbar

Suction power:

200 m3/h


More on Aquablast®



Aquablast® are carriers with spray bars that clean, demarcate and decoat surfaces with high-pressure water.

Aquablast® Basic

Aquablast® Basic

Hand-held surface cleaner with optional Aquablast® Plus direct suction, for universal use.

Aquablast® Line

Aquablast® Line

Device mounted on a carrier system for cleaning and decoating vertical or vertically inclined surfaces.

Aquablast® Drive

Aquablast® Drive

Driver-controlled cab vehicle with an Aquablast® Plus cleaning and suction system.

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