Hammelmann GmbH expands the range of ergonomic work aids



Hammelmann GmbH expands the range of ergonomic work aids

Safety and ergonomics are important future topics for high-pressure specialists


With the introduction of its first radio-controlled high-pressure robot, Jetmaster, Hammelmann GmbH underlines its focus on operator safety and user support.

"One of the most important issues for our customers at the moment is occupational safety and a reduction of physical impact and danger from recoil forces that occur. In general, it is important to keep the user as far away from danger zones as possible," says Jascha Kolter, Head of Marketing at Hammelmann GmbH. "With the Jetmaster, we are expanding our range of ergonomic work aids and addressing customer issues in a very practical way." The Jetmaster is a radio-controlled, semi-automatic work aid. The basis is a mobile carrier vehicle. This can be equipped with a flexible extension arm on which various water tools can be mounted, such as rotor jets or high-pressure surface cleaners, depending on the application. The Jetmaster absorbs recoil forces of up to 300N. Remote operation ensures maximum security and relieves the user.

The extension arm offers a swivel radius of 240° and reaches a working height of 3 m via the variable stroke. The tool holder can also be swiveled +/- 90° up or down.

To simplify the workflow, increase efficiency and relieve the operator, the Jetmaster is equipped with a number of semi-automatic functions. A wiping function moves the mounted tool within a pre-defined swivel range. The swivel range can be switched on and limited using the radio remote control.

When working on walls, a function can be activated that automatically extends or retracts the telescope. The farther the tool is from the apex of the working radius, the farther the telescope will extend to allow for a consistent water jet distance from the wall. In addition, a parallel guide can be switched on so that the high-pressure water tool moves parallel to the surface during vertical adjustment. The vertex of the working radius must be defined once. A cleaning zone can be created by defining three orientation points. The Jetmaster can then cyclically cover the zone with a preset tool working width. This function can be used for floor and wall processing.

Jetmaster expands Hammelmann's portfolio of ergonomic work aids for water jet applications

The Jetmaster is the latest addition to the smaller series of ergonomic work aids, Jetboy and Jetmate, despite all differences, all product lines have in common that they take the strain from recoil forces, vibration and weight from the user and offer fatigue-free, impact-reduced work and increase work safety.

While work aids from the Jetboy product range work purely mechanically and absorb the recoil by redirecting the force, the Jetmate also uses electrical and pneumatic components. The result is a free-floating system that enables a particularly high level of freedom of movement via two freely movable rotation axes. The system can be mounted on different carrier systems. Among other things, a 20' container installation is available, which is mobile and flexible in its applications.

Inside the container, the work area is behind a partition with viewing windows. The user still has direct access to all functions of the Jetmate while benefitting from increased security.



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