Highly flexible and universally applicable
Highly flexible and universally applicable

The JETMASTER flexible high-pressure robot

The JETMASTER is a radio-controlled, semi-automatic work tool. Built on a mobile carrier vehicle the unit can be equipped with a flexible boom that can be used in a variety of ways, on which various water tools such as a MASTERJET rotary nozzle or an AQUABLAST® surface cleaner can be mounted, depending on the application. With its highly flexible working positions, the JETMASTER reliably eliminates recoil forces and is a real all-rounder, regardless of water pressure and flow rate - from cleaning and roughening to removing a wide variety of surfaces.


Your advantages at a glance

Semi-automatic operation
Increased safety and ergonomics
Universal tool mount
Wide range of applications
Compact Design
Maximum mobility



Carrier vehicle

The base of the JETMASTER is a carrier vehicle with a powerful hydraulic drive and 2-speed gearshift. The mount for the extension arm has a large swivel range of +/- 120°.

Extension arm

A flexible and variable extension arm on which various water tools can be mounted. Thanks to the telescopic stroke, a working height of up to 3000 mm can be achieved.

Tool mount

The water tool is attached on the tool mount. This can be connected to the extension arm in different positions. A simple and quick adjustment to the working conditions is possible at any time.


An unbeatable combination

In order to simplify the workflow, increase efficiency and relieve the operator, the JETMASTER is equipped with the following semi-automatic functions:

Swivel range / Wiping function

After activating the wiping function, the JETMASTER moves the water tool within the preset swivel range. The swivel range can be switched on as well as limited using the radio remote control. The forward feed is done by driving.

Automatic wall Distance

When working on walls, a function can be activated that automatically extends or retracts the telescope. The farther the tool is from the apex of the working radius, the farther the telescope will extend to allow for a consistent water jet distance from the wall. In addition, a parallel guide can be switched on so that the high-pressure water tool moves parallel to the surface during vertical adjustment. For this, the vertex of the working radius must be defined once.

Semi-automatic cleaning zone

A cleaning zone can be created by defining 3 points. The JETMASTER can then cycle through the zone with the preset tool working width. This function can be used for floor and wall processing.


The versatile extension arm

The extension arm can not only be adjusted in height thanks to the variable stroke, the tool mount of the extension arm can also be swiveled up or down by +/- 90°. The tool mount can also be attached in different positions, so that it can be adapted to the working conditions easily and quickly. With the JETMASTER, almost all surfaces can be treated thoroughly and effectively.

180° swivel angle
240° swivel range
3000 mm working height
Universal tool mount

For a wide variety of water tools and Up to Any challenge!

Thanks to the universal tool mount, a large selection of water tools can be connected to the JETMASTER. For example MASTERJET rotor jets, AQUABLAST® surface cleaners, hydraulically driven rotary nozzles, round and fan jet nozzles, and much more.


AQUABLAST® Surface cleaner




Oscillating lance


Areas of application and fields of use

The JETMASTER impresses with its unique variability and, thanks to its universal components, can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as concrete removal, roughening and paint stripping, derusting, decoating and cleaning a wide variety of surfaces and substrates.

  • Decoating
  • Concrete removal
  • Cleaning tanks and vessels
  • Roughening
  • Paint removal
  • Cleaning and removing graffiti

Technical details

Recoil force:
0 - 300 N

~ 940 kg

Speed - gear 1:
20 m/min

Speed - gear 2:
40 m/min


Oil type:
HLP 46

Oil volume:
50 l

Max. oil pressure:
200 bar

Engine power:
0,5 - 4 kW


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