JETMATE free-hanging working tools

The Jetmate ensures effortless, recoil-free operation.

The free-hanging cleaning tool can be moved easily on all axes.


Your benefits at a glance


  • Cleaning tool can be easily moved in all directions
  • Weight relief via compensating cylinder
  • Suitable for standard gun lances
  • Added safety thanks to optimal distance to the cleaning object through pneumatic feed device
  • Flange for fastening to different carriers


Ergonomics & safety

Safe and less physical stress on the body thanks to recoil-free operation

Ergonomics of the Jetmate

The recoil forces are absorbed by the holding device.

The Jetmate enables recoil-free operation during the cleaning process, is easy to handle and ensures increased occupational safety.

Simple handling and increased occupational safety – these are the demands seen in the modern working environment. We are able to meet these requirements thanks to the continuous, practical development of our high-pressure systems. Ease of use and safety are always the first priority here.

Accessories & combination options

Every surface is unique

Adapt your Jetmate optimally according to your personal situation

Jetmate with single or rotor jet

The Jetmate in combination with single or rotor jets

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