The AQUABLAST® Frame is a device for cleaning various construction and formwork elements. To do this, the workpieces are placed inside the frame and the powerful AQUABLAST® surface cleaner navigates across the area to clean the elements automatically.


Functional description of the AQUABLAST® Frame

  • Workpieces are moved into the unit via the customer‘s system.
  • The AQUABLAST® is adjusted to the correct height (50 - 350 mm).
  • With the press of a press a button, the cleaning device starts up slowly and the high-pressure switches on. The AQUABLAST® does not halt over the workpiece.
  • The cleaning device starts cleaning the elements within its defined path.
  • After cleaning, the AQUABLAST® returns to its starting position.
  • The workpiece can then be moved out via the customer‘s system.

Range of functions

AQUABLAST® surface cleaner

The working width is 500 mm with 4 nozzles. The spray bar is designed for use at 1,000 bar and a flow rate of 16 l/min. The AQUABLAST® is driven by the recoil forces of the hp water and fitted with a brush seal against splash water.

Linear units

The base frame and the linear units are made of robust aluminum profiles. The axes are equipped with roller guides. The guides are largely insensitive to dirt. It is driven by servo geared motors via a toothed rack profile integrated into the aluminum profile. The length and width of the device can be modularly expanded and adapted to individual needs.


The electric components are housed in a control cabinet and installed in the immediate proximity and within sight of the system. You have the parameters under control at all times via the integrated touch display.

Integration into existing systems


Complete your high pressure system

AQUABLAST® Cleaning line

AQUABLAST® Cleaning line

Clean a wide variety of surfaces quickly and in a predictable way. With the semi-automatic cleaning system you have less effort but more time and money!

Industrial cleaning - individual product solutions

Industrial cleaning - individual product solutions

Industrial cleaning is a versatile job - clean tanks, containers, surfaces, heat exchangers and coolers as well as large-area production and machine halls.

Efficient concrete preparation with safety and ergonomics

Efficient concrete preparation with safety and ergonomics

When working with concrete, the focus is on the safety and ergonomics of the user. From cleaning to exposure, at Hammelmann you have many options available.

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