More time for work
More time for work
Less effort for cleaning
Clean large areas quickly and easily
Clean large areas quickly and easily

AQUABLAST® cleaning line

Semi-automatic, modular cleaning system with AQUABLAST® surface cleaner


A wide variety of components are exposed to massive load and dirt in professional industrial use. This leads to increased wear, often to a higher weight of the parts and an exchange of the material is necessary frequently. Regular cleaning of the elements noticeably extends the service life, handling is improved by the lower weight and physical stress is reduced.

The elements are usually cleaned manually with a high-pressure gun. A manual process that is time-consuming and certainly has the potential for injury. Hammelmann‘s unique cleaning system is a semi-automatic system that makes cleaning easier, faster and easier to plan. Occupational safety is significantly improved and the costs for wages and energy use are also reduced.


Predictable cleaning time


Higher operational safety

Simple and quick set-up

Reduced energy consumption

Hammelmann service worldwide


Quick and easy set-up


Your benefits

  • Higher occupational safety both on the construction site as well as during cleaning
  • Clean large areas quickly and easily
  • Precise, more predictable time expenditure
  • No time-consuming gun work
  • Less energy consumption
  • Lower cleaning costs due to lower wages
  • More time for work, less effort for cleaning
  • Less need for replacement

Feature set

External connection for blasting gun


Control of pressure and flow rate


Height and speed adjustment


The cleaning system is suitable for cleaning many elements in different shapes and sizes


The concept


The overall system is based on a modular concept and can be adapted to individual requirements with little effort. In advance, the necessary parameters for optimal cleaning are determined in close cooperation with the customer.

The cleaning line consists of taxiways, the cleaning chamber with spray bars and nozzles, baskets for storing the parts, the chain conveyor, the pump unit for supplying high- pressure water and all the necessary control elements and sensors.


The elements to be cleaned are conveyed through the cleaning chamber in the baskets. The feed can be adjusted in a range from 0 - 90 mm / sec. The elements are cleaned at high pressure in the cleaning chamber.

The number of spray bars used is configured individually and determines the overall working width of the system. The seamless height adjustment allows optimal adaptation to the parts to be cleaned.


Technical Details

Performance data, exemplary


10 m


3,20 m or 4,10 m


1,95 m or 2,15 m

Working width

1,00 m or 1,50 m


Possible pump configuration

Flow rate

up to 300 l/min

Operating pressure

up to 3000 bar


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