Splitter nozzles

Splitter nozzles

Splitter nozzles reduce wear in pressure control valves.



Splitter nozzles

Example: Splitter nozzle A

Splitter nozzle A


Operating pressure:
max. 21k psi
[1500 bar]

Adjustable flow rate:
0.5 - 132 gpm
[2 - 500 l/min]

Splitter nozzle B


Operating pressure:
max. 23k psi
[1600 bar]

Adjustable flow rate:
0.1 - 40 gpm
[0,5 - 150 l/min]

Splitter nozzle C


Operating pressure:
max. 43k psi
[3000 bar]

Adjustable flow rate:
0.25 - 26 gpm
[1 - 100 l/min]

Splitter nozzle D


Operating pressure:
max. 58k psi
[4000 bar]

Adjustable flow rate:
0.05 - 8 gpm
[0,2 - 30 l/min]


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