AQUABLAST® Basic E newest addition to product family


The new Aquablast® Basic E complements the product family and, in addition to the Aquablast® Basic, is another option for hand-held floor cleaners. With a working width of 13.85 in [352 mm], the Aquablast® operates at 7,250 psi [500 bar] or 15k psi [1000 bar] with a corresponding flow rate of 8 gpm [30 l/min] or 4.2 gpm [16 l/min]. The special feature: In contrast to the mechanical version, the Aquablast® Basic E offers an electric manual valve to control pressure on/off. The product is rounded off with the usual Aquablast® Basic properties - the height-adjustable drawbar, the ergonomic hand valve with release lever and the splash guard over the brush.

Aquablast® Basic E


Electric manual valve


The pressure control of the pump is carried out electrically by the control cable.

Aquablast® Basic


Mechanical manual valve


Robust mechanical manual valve with relief lever.


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