Aquablast® Basic

Aquablast® Basic

The hand-operated floor cleaner with optional direct suction


Designed for universal use and it makes possible numerous applications. A rotating spray bar ensures that you achieve optimum cleaning performance.

Aquablast® Basic overview
Aquablast® Basic

You can set the speed by means of adjustable nozzle arms

Suitable for holding a maximum of six nozzles

Aquablast® Basic

On-site M 22 x 1.5 LH

Hose connections
M 22 x 1.5 DKO (optional)
M 24 x 1.5 DKO (optional)


Performance data

7k psi – 8 gpm

[500 bar – 30 l/min]

14k psi – 4 l/min

[1000 bar – 16 l/min]

At 7k psi bar: max. temperature 200 °F

[At 500 bar: max. temperature 95 °C]


  • Max. working width: 14.5 inch [370 mm]
  • Suitable for holding a maximum of six Type P nozzles
  • Speed setting possible by means of adjustable nozzle arms
  • Ergonomic manually operated valve with relief lever 
  • Positions of handles are adjustable
  • Optional hose connections M 22 x 1.5 DKO or M 24 x 1.5 DKO

  • Suction options due to on-site DN 50 connection
  • Heights of the drawbars can be adjusted individually
  • Splash protection by means of a brush
  • High-pressure hose between handle and rotary connection
  • Electrical manually operated valves are possible as an option


Other properties of the Aquablast® Basic

Aquablast® Basic
Aquablast® Basic

Trolley with four casters for easy handling. You can lock the rear casters for running straight.


Ergonomically adjustable manually operated valve with safe and easy-to-operate relief lever to connect and disconnect the pressure mechanically


Heights of the drawbars can be adjusted individually


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Aquablast® are carriers with spray bars that clean, demarcate and decoat surfaces with high-pressure water.

Aquablast® Plus

Aquablast® Plus

Carrier units with spray bars that clean surfaces with high-pressure water and suck off the removed substances and the jet water simultaneously.

Aquablast® Line

Aquablast® Line

Device mounted on a carrier system for cleaning and decoating vertical or vertically inclined surfaces.

Aquablast® Drive

Aquablast® Drive

Driver-controlled cab vehicle with an Aquablast® Plus cleaning and suction system.

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