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Of course, all Hammelmann products are covered by the statutory guarantee. By registering your product, you will receive an extended manufacturer guarantee for a period of 24 months or a maximum 30 months after delivery or 4,000 operating hours for high-pressure pumps and other Hammelmann products. This guarantees that the product is free from material and processing faults. The guarantee further covers the due and proper assembly if this was also commissioned by the Purchaser. Engines/motors sourced from external suppliers are exempt of this extended guarantee. To activate this guarantee you must register the product within six months of commissioning. Non-registered products will not be protected by the guarantee.

Please, refer to our for more details.


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Where can I find the serial number / machine number?

Example type plate

The serial number or the machine number of your product can be found on the type plate. To register the product, please enter the 11-digit number in the form. Please pay attention to the correct spelling including the two dots after two or seven digits.


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