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Design features of a Hammelmann high-pressure pump


High-pressure pump technology

Hammelmann produces vertical Triplex and Quintuplex pumps.

Design features on a Hammelmann plunger pump

In operation worldwide and in virtually all branches

Ten thousand Hammelmann high-pressure pumps are in operation around the world in virtually all branches. Whether in use around the clock or when needed, our customers count on energy efficiency, reliability, performance, service and innovative solutions. We see it as our daily duty to meet these challenges.


Compact, vertical design

The vertical pump version has many advantages:

  • Minimal installation space required.
  • Protection of the pump components through weight-neutral running.
  • Good flow of the conveyed medium.
  • Low stress on the installation frame due to prevention of undesirable lateral oscillations.


Hammelmann’s proven service is based on a tight-knit global service network, high levels of spare parts availability and short reaction times.

Customer requirements take center stage and are of utmost importance to us, which is why we offer a 24-hour service hotline.

Issues can often be rectified over the phone. Our specialists are happy to help with initial troubleshooting, offer tips for rectifying malfunctions and can also order spare parts directly.

24-hour service hotline: +49 (0) 171 470 72 6



Hammelmann high-pressure pumps are extremely maintenance-friendly. Wear parts can be replaced using conventional tools in just a few short steps. The design of the high-pressure pump has been well thought out, with the clear layout of the components simplifying the installation process.



Professional instruction of operating personnel is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to practical training, the skills of the operating personnel are consistently improved and safe operation of the Hammelmann systems is ensured.


Fluid end

Close-up of a Hammelmann plunger pump

Valve housing

The valves are arranged in the pump head. The valve housing is free from alternating loads and guides the medium flow to a central pressure connection.

Thanks to standardized connection systems, various regulators and safety elements can be adapted for use. This means that customized solutions can be implemented easily.


Suction chamber

The high-pressure pump is supplied via a central connection on the suction chamber. The dynamic components of the sealing system are located inside the suction chamber. This closed system ensures an optimal supply of fluid to the high-pressure pump and also improves safety.


Valve technology

The suction and pressure valves are arranged coaxially. The compact design results in significantly higher efficiency levels compared to standard high-pressure pumps.


Conversion kits

Using conversion kits, all Hammelmann pumps can be converted for operation at different power levels (pressure rate and delivery rate).

In the event of frequently recurring conversion to different power levels, the alternating pump head with pre-mounted seal sets can be replaced quickly as a compact unit. This simplifies installation and drastically reduces the time required.


High-pressure seal

Bellows system on a Hammelmann plunger pump

Bellows system

The bellows form a hermetic seal between the crank chamber and intermediate chamber, thus reliably preventing penetration by liquids or gases.


Sealing system

The different plunger seals on the Hammelmann pumps allow for safe and reliable continuous operation with operating pressures of up to 4000 bar.

Different sealing systems are available depending on the field of application.


Life-cycle costs

Life-cycle costs

Typical division of life-cycle costs. The use of energy-efficient pumps has an enormous cost-saving potential and makes an important contribution in minimizing the emission of climate-damaging CO2.


The economic efficiency of a high-pressure pump is defined by the amount of energy it consumes. The diagram here shows a typical division of all costs incurred by a high-pressure pump over its life cycle.

In assessing the life-cycle costs, it can be seen that the largest portion of the costs is attributable to energy consumption of the pump, whereas investment costs play a relatively small role at just 19%.

Crank drive on a Hammelmann plunger pump

Engine on Hammelmann high-pressure pumps

The integrated reduction gear with double helical gearing ensures smooth running with uniform force transmission. The different gear reductions allow for optimal adjustment according to customer-specific requirements.

The compact design saves on intermediate gears and large rotating masses. The mechanical efficiency of the durable crank drive is significantly higher than 95%.

Standards, certificates

Standards, certificates

Certified production

Thanks to production according to recognized standards and certification in line with industry-specific norms and standards, we are able to meet all of the associated requirements with our systems.


We have the right solution for your task

High-pressure pumps and units

High-pressure pumps and units

Find the right high-pressure pumps and units for any concept or task. Both as standalone solutions or as part of an innovative system.

Water jet technology

Water jet technology

A total package of modern high-pressure technology, based on 70 years of expertise and experience.
Product solutions by branch

Product solutions by branch

Water jet technology can be used in the most diverse applications and is always a safe and effective concept.

Product solutions by application

Product solutions by application

Water jet technology can be used in the most diverse applications and is always a safe and effective concept.


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