Full cleaning power for tanks and containers


Hammelmann AQUAMAT S for cleaning tasks up to 600 bar


Cleaning IBC containers, tanks, vessels, and other containers is often complex and difficult. The narrow build and poor accessibility require special solutions which, in addition to a narrow and lightweight design, must demonstrate convincing cleaning power.

With the Aquamat S 600, Hammelmann GmbH, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure pumps and systems, offers a small and lightweight tank cleaning unit for working pressures of up to 600 bar, and a flow rate of up to 100 l / min.. This expands the company’s portfolio for tank cleaning to include a suitable solution for small and medium-sized containers.

The narrow design of the Aquamat S allows easy access to the inside of containers with a tank opening of 98 mm. The device, which weighs only 4.9 kg, is solely driven by the recoil forces of the water jets, which set the nozzle holder into rotation around its own axis and effectively clean the container walls with sharp, bundled jets without chemicals. The effect of the recoil forces is so precisely coordinated that it can also be used in a freely suspended position without rigid attachment. All moving parts work almost without friction, which minimizes wear and tear, and the available pump capacity can be used optimally. The device is therefore suitable for use with high-pressure pumps with a drive power of up to 40 kW. The patented HPS sealing system also supports low-wear use. The eddy current brake, which can be adjusted without tools, gives the user full control over the speed of the Aquamat S 600 and the work result remains reproducible. A selection of different nozzle holders ensures a practical and adapted configuration for individual challenges.

The entire construction focuses on a long service life and the lowest possible maintenance. There are no internal gears that need to be lubricated and no special tools or assembly aids are required for occasional maintenance.


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