Hose reels

Rotary hose reels

Equipment for internal cleaning of pipes with diameters of 2.75 inch [70 mm] and up

Rotary hose reel systems are used where limited space prevents the use of rigid lances

Hose reels
The mobile unit comprises a hose reel, hose feed and rotary drive. The flexible high-pressure hose is set in rotation by the central rotary axis of the reel and hose feed in order to achieve optimal cleaning results. All functions are actuated electrically. The unit is controlled using a portable control panel.

Operating pressure:

23k psi - 43k psi
[1600 bar - 3000 bar]

Nominal hose diameters:

DN 5, DN 12, DN 20

Hose lengths:

328 ft. [100 m]


0 - 20 rpm, variably adjustable

Feed rate:

0 - 25 rpm, variably adjustable


Hose reel models

Electric model

Electric model

Pneumatic model

Pneumatic model

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