Major changes in the shipping industry are on the horizon



DOCKBOY and DOCKMATE ship cleaning systems


DOCKBOY and DOCKMATE ship cleaning systems


SPIDERJET® ship cleaning systems


Dealing with the climate crisis and the increasingly strict environmental laws in the shipping industry, are present for everyone in this industry. We, too, are trying to make our contribution. Hammelmann ship cleaning systems are particularly environmentally friendly. An integrated vacuum system directly absorbs toxic solids, such as the removed coating or rust, and contaminated wastewater. Dust and other particles do not enter the air and are actively removed. This prevents all these substances from escaping into the environment and massively reduces the amount of contaminated waste.


At Tenerife Shipyards and Hidramar Shipyards people are already thinking ahead! Here, they are taking a step in the right direction in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability. Together with our company Hammelmann S.L. in Spain, we are proud to be part of reinventing the status quo. Be sure to read their interesting article (below) on why they rely on water jetting, the benefits for the maritime industry, sustainable solutions for ultra high-pressure applications, and robotic water jetting.


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