Semi-automatic water jet vehicle for dust-free, environmentally friendly preparation of surfaces.

Overview of Dockmate

up to 105 ft.

Working height


& environmentally friendly

up to 39 inch

Working width


Operating principle and design



Dust-free, environmentally friendly cleaning with separate high-pressure unit

Can also be used at the highest points of a ship hull


Versatile in operation

In combination with the direct, integrated Aquablast® Plus vacuum system, the Dockmate ensures environmentally friendly derusting, plus the removal of old surface coatings and accumulated waste and


AQUABLAST® Plus cleaning and vacuuming system

The DOCKMATE is equipped with the AQUABLAST® Plus system

The high-performance system for cleaning and vacuuming in a single step


AQUABLAST® Plus cleaning and vacuuming system

  • The specially developed nozzle layout ensures that the high-pressure water is distributed evenly across the entire working width
  • Hydraulic drive for constant speeds, infinitely variable from 100 to 2500 rpm
  • Oil and water kept completely separate – contamination of the hydraulic oil as a result of significant pressure losses not possible
  • Cleaning and vacuuming integrated in a single system

11 inch / 274 mm

Working width

11 inch (optional)
[274 mm]

Working parameters

7 - 12 gpm
[28 - 47 l/min]

41k - 43k psi
[2800 - 3000 bar]

15 inch / 374 mm

Working width

15 inch (optional)
[374 mm]

Working parameters

7 - 12 gpm
[28 - 47 l/min]

41k - 43k psi
[2800 - 3000 bar]

20 inch / 520 mm

Working width

20 inch (optional)
[520 mm]

Working parameters

12 gpm
[47 l/min]

41k - 43k psi
[2800 - 3000 bar]

39 inch / 1000 mm

Working width

39 inch (optional)
[1000 mm]

Working parameters

25 gpm
[94 l/min]

41k - 43k psi
[2800 - 3000 bar]


Other properties of the DOCKMATE

Electronic control unit

Electronic control unit

  • Allows for safe, easy operation of the Dockmate
  • Ensures a uniform supply to the jet head, resulting in even paint removal
  • Failsafe operation! Sensors detect unsafe or critical conditions and trigger automatic stops or deactivations
  • Operational functions are largely automated
  • Pre-selection of the most important parameters on the control cabinet; regular operation via radio remote control

Automatic adhesion

Automatic adhesion

  • A system of sensors and proportional hydraulic valves allows for constant contact pressure on the jet tool
  • In above-ground, vertical and inclined operating positions, this ensures that the Aquablast is always in contact with the ship hull or surface to be prepared
  • The Aquablast mounted to the jib automatically follows the curvature of the ship hull
  • Automatic compensation of the changing distance between vehicle and ship hull during travel

Integrated vacuum system

Integrated vacuum system

  • Collects the solid materials (removed surface coating, rust) and wastewater directly on the ship hull
  • Ensures a clean surface as the particles are removed actively and immediately
  • Supports the fast drying of the blasted surface, leading to a reduced build-up of rust film

Filter/disposal module

  • Solid materials are pre-separated directly in the vehicle
  • The particles are collected in a “big bag” for easy disposal
  • A rotary pump conveys the wastewater to a treatment plant (where available) in a controlled fashion
Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive with integrated, hydraulically controlled differential for safe operation and constant feed on uneven terrain. High stability for precise tracking of the surface cleaner and maximum performance. Powerful, even at low feed rates.

Outstanding maneuverability in tight spaces thanks to independently steerable axles (e.g. between hull and dock wall or dock access routes).
Motor & hydraulic system

Motor & hydraulic system

Caterpillar motor C 4.4:

  • 110 hp at 1800 rpm
  • 4 cylinders - 4.4 l turbocharging
  • Fuel tank capacity: 43.6 gallons

Hydraulic system: 

  • Axial piston pump with variable flow rate
  • Performance on both systems: 
  • 33 gpm at 3k psi
  • 13 gpm at 6k psi
  • Hydraulic oil capacity: 60.8 gallons
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Oil cooler with electric fan

Electrical system:

  • 24 V DC


Technical information


Data sheet


Max. operating pressure:

43k psi [3000 bar]

Max. flow rate:

up to 25 gpm [94 l/min]

Vehicle height:

9.84 ft. [3,00 m]

Vehicle width:

8.20 ft. [2,50 m]

Jib (Working height):

up to 72 ft.
[22,00 m]

up to 89 ft.
[27,00 m]

up to 105 ft.
[32,00 m]

Transport length:

31.5 ft.
[9,60 m]

40.35 ft.
[12,30 m]

46.00 ft.
[14,00 m]


~ 37,478 lbs
[~ 17,0 t]

~ 44,092 lbs
[~ 20,0 t]

~ 50,706 lbs
[~ 23,0 t]

(depending on the Aquablast® Plus surface cleaners)


HDP 200

7 gpm [28 l/min]

43k psi [3000 bar]

HDP 200

10 gpm [40 l/min]

41k psi [2800 bar]

HDP 300

12 gpm [47 l/min]

43k psi [3000 bar]

2x HDP 300

25 gpm [94 l/min]

43k psi [3000 bar]


Dockmate height

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The Dockboy is a remote controlled cleaning vehicle for the ship industry. With working heights from 0 - 30.7 ft. [0 - 9.35 m], it is ideal for working on the hull bottom.



The Dockmaster is a remote controlled cleaning vehicle with integrated high-pressure unit. With a working height of 105 ft. [32 m], it is designed for work on the hull.



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All information on the ship industry

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