HAMPRO Prozesspumpen

HAMPRO® 300 process plunger pump


Hammelmann process pumps are designed for constant use. Pay attention to the crankshaft speed, average piston speed and drive power.


Other properties

Quintuplex plunger pump
5 cylinders, vertical

Rod force: 82 kN
Stroke: 75 mm
Weight: ~ 1070 kg


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Pumping data

at max. power of 300 kW:

Metric system
U.S customary units

Plunger Ø

Max. operating pressure

Max. flow rate

15 mm

3200 bar

1,80 m³/h

17,5 mm

3200 bar

2,80 m³/h

20 mm

2800 bar

3,70 m³/h

25 mm

1800 bar

6,10 m³/h

28 mm

1430 bar

7,60 m³/h

30 mm

1240 bar

8,70 m³/h

32 mm

1090 bar

10,00 m³/h

35 mm

910 bar

12,00 m³/h

40 mm

700 bar

15,80 m³/h

45 mm

550 bar

20,20 m³/h

50 mm

450 bar

25,30 m³/h

55 mm

370 bar

30,50 m³/h

60 mm

310 bar

36,00 m³/h

65 mm

260 bar

43,00 m³/h

70 mm

230 bar

49,00 m³/h

80 mm

170 bar

64,00 m³/h

Plunger Ø

Max. operating pressure

Max. flow rate

17,5 mm

44,000 psi

8.5 gpm

20 mm

36,000 psi

11.1 gpm

25 mm

23,000 psi

17.7 gpm

30 mm

16,000 psi

26 gpm

35 mm

11,700 psi

35 gpm

40 mm

9,000 psi

46 gpm

45 mm

7,100 psi

59 gpm

50 mm

5,800 psi

73 gpm

55 mm

4,800 psi

89 gpm

60 mm

3,900 psi

106 gpm

70 mm

2,900 psi

144 gpm


Other performance classes:


Process technology of the highest quality


Design features

Hammelmann is renowned worldwide for its high quality standards. Our process pumps are manufactured precisely down to the millimeter and in line with certified quality standards.

Referenzen im Überblick

References at a glance

Our “Start your Process” brochure on process technology and pumps features many references and examples of projects we have implemented at customers around the world. It can be read online or downloaded in PDF format.



Hammelmann process technology can be used in a wide range of applications in virtually all industries, and is always an effective and innovative choice.


Pumped media

Process pumps from Hammelmann can be used to convey a wide range of pumped media, from acrylic acid to vinyl acetate. Contact us for an expert consultation today.


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