Process technology for working subsea

Process technology for subsea applications

Highly innovative onshore technologies are increasingly being used underwater. Hammelmann process pumps carry on this pioneering trend and have already proven themselves many times when used underwater. The reliable functionality is based on specially selected, certified materials. The pumps are powered by an electric motor. Thanks to their hermetically sealed intermediate chamber, Hammelmann process pumps offer a clean technology.


Built for high-pressure injection at 10,000 ft.


Pressure encapsulated

Oil filled, fully pressure compensated

Variable displacement pump

Heavy duty API 675 design

Safe start against full well pressure

Long life material and design selection


Subsea Injection Pump – HAMPRO® 70 V

Thousands of Hammelmann’s HAMPRO® process pumps are in use around the world and in almost all branches. The high quality, reliability and durability have proven themselves many times. By fully marinizing the HAMPRO® 70 V for submerged deep-water marine use, Hammelmann is able to offer the benefits of its systems, reliably run by a 75 hp (55 kW) motor, as a unique subsea application capable of supplying 20k psi (1380 bar) service in a variety of configurations to satisfy specific pressure and flow requirements.

The pump and drive components are fully encased and compensated to suction pressure, for their environmental protection, and they share a common lubricating oil system. Hammelmann’s patented sealing system ensures limited and predictable maintenance and unmatched operational reliability. Most all fluids can be pumped by the
HAMPRO® 70 V up to exceedingly thick 2000 centipoise viscosity. Materials were specifically selected for long life submerged service which makes this pump ideal for recovery for future re-use.

Subsea Injection Pump – HAMPRO® 70 V

Subsea Injection Pump – HAMPRO® 70 V


Technical details

Variable displacement


The Hammelmann HAMPRO® 70 V Subsea is configured with a variable displacement feature

  • Remotely change its flow rate from zero to full flow via servo-motor
  • Complete and remote control over fluid flow
  • Real time adjustment of the pump while enabling zero or low flow start-up to support extremely high inlet pressure, and limit start-up current in-rush
  • Fixed displacement design available when variable 
  • displacement is not required

Versatile pressure and flow


Hammelmann pump pressure capacity and flow rate are determined by the plunger diameter, sleeve, and head selected. There are many versions available listed in the pressure and flow table to select from. The larger plunger diameter will deliver larger flow rates and typically lower pressures, however, with the Hammelmann variable (V) style pumps the flow rate can be adjusted from maximum flow to zero flow independent of the plunger diameter.


Specific subsea use

Hammelmann’s long-life subsea pumps incorporate an outer protective housing.

  • Protects the pump from pressure differences and external impact
  • Allows sharing of lubricating oil throughout the housing and components, eliminating additional sealing, minimizing potential failure points and guaranteeing corrosion protection 
  • Components are isolated from saltwater allowing use of standard subsea designs that meet TRL Level 7

Fully submersible

Protective housing


Performance data HAMPRO® 70 V


Plunger Ø
20 mm

Flow rate
0 - 6.9 gpm [0 - 26 l/min]

Max. pressure
20k psi [1350 bar]


Plunger Ø
22 mm

Flow rate
0 - 8.5 gpm [0 - 32 l/min]

Max. pressure
16.4k psi [13.8 bar]


Plunger Ø
24 mm

Flow rate
0 - 10 gpm [0 - 38 l/min]

Max. pressure
13.8k psi [950 bar]


Plunger Ø
26 mm

Flow rate
0 - 11.9 gpm [0 - 45 l/min]

Max. pressure
11.75k psi [810 bar]


Plunger Ø
30 mm

Flow rate
0 - 15.6 gpm [0 - 59 l/min]

Max. pressure
8.7k psi [600 bar]


Plunger Ø
35 mm

Flow rate
0 - 21.4 gpm [0 - 81 l/min]

Max. pressure
6.4k psi [440 bar]


Plunger Ø
40 mm

Flow rate
0 - 28.3 gpm [0 - 107 l/min]

Max. pressure
4.9k psi [340 bar]


Process technology of the highest quality

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