Warranty Conditions at Hammelmann GmbH


1. New high-pressure pumps and pump units

Hammelmann guarantees that new products are free from material defects and faulty workmanship. They are guaranteed for a period of 24 months from commissioning or 2000 operating hours (whichever occurs sooner), but no longer than 18 months after dispatch.


2. Repairs during the warranty period

Should any failure due to material defects, faulty workmanship or incorrect assembly occur within the warranty period, Hammelmann reserves the right to:

  • a) decide between repair or replacement,
  • b) nominate a third party to carry out the repair or replacement of the defective parts,
  • c) authorize the customer to carry out repair/replacement themselves.

In the event of c) Hammelmann shall reimburse the customer against invoice subject to Hammelmann’s decision regarding the validity of the warranty claim. In this case, Hammelmann can demand the return of damaged/replaced items for inspection and inspect the repairs made by the customer.

Any new parts fitted during the first 500 operating hours will be further guaranteed for 1000 operating hours or 12 months after installation (whichever occurs sooner). If 500 hours of the original warranty period have been exceeded, new parts fitted will be further guaranteed for 500 hours or 6 months after installation (whichever occurs sooner). Wear parts are excluded from the warranty. Wear parts are deemed to be: all seals, all moving parts of the seal assembly, pump head and pressure control valve, plus valve seats.


3. Scope of the warranty

The warranty covers all parts that are manufactured by Hammelmann. Machinery and components purchased by Hammelmann from sub-suppliers such as diesel engines, electric motors, hydraulic components, pre-pressure pumps etc. are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Hammelmann guarantees the correct installation of such machinery and components.

4. Included in the warranty:

  • Delivery of new or repaired parts at Hammelmann’s discretion.
  • Labor costs during standard working hours in adequate conditions necessary to effect a repair.
  • Travel and expenses. Transportation costs at Hammelmann’s discretion, should Hammelmann decide that repairs must be made on site.
  • Economy freight costs for sending the necessary spare parts to the point of destination.
  • When overseas, delivery to the nearest port or airport.


Hammelmann will bear all repair costs for warranty claims made within the first 200 operating hours. For damages that occur in the warranty period after 200 to 500 operating hours, Hammelmann will charge 25 % of the incurred costs, after 500 to 750 operating hours 50 %, and after 750 operating hours 75 %.


5. Costs to be borne by the operator:

  • Costs incurred in transporting equipment on/in which Hammelmann products are mounted or installed.
  • Costs of providing pumps or equipment for executing repair work.
  • Excess freight costs when a more expensive rate is selected.
  • Import costs, incl. customs duty, inland freight, etc.
  • Inland travel expenses for repairs outside Europe.
  • Overtime pay or extra labor costs for work on Sundays.


6. Limitations

Hammelmann’s warranty obligations are restricted to FOC repairs, including the necessary parts. The warranty shall not apply if:

  • The operating and maintenance instructions were not adhered to.
  • Installation in another unit was not, in the opinion of Hammelmann, carried out correctly.
  • Accessories, instruments and spare parts are used that are not manufactured or approved by Hammelmann.
  • The product is operated with damaged or removed seals on the pressure control valve and/or safety valve, or unsuitable bursting disks are used.
  • The product is operated with other media or at temperatures other than specified in the order, or if the maximum operating pressure is exceeded.

Furthermore, Hammelmann cannot be held liable for costs as a result of the disassembly and assembly of units containing the Hammelmann product, nor for any incidental or consequential damages except those on the Hammelmann products themselves.

7. Making a claim

The warranty form overleaf must be completed in full in order to make a claim. Attention! Warranty claims can only be assessed for parts that have been sent with a completed warranty form.


8. Shipping costs

Defective units or parts must be returned to Hammelmann freight pre-paid. If the claim is accepted by Hammelmann, the freight costs will be reimbursed at the economy rate. When shipping repaired or replacement parts, Hammelmann will choose the cheapest shipping rate.
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