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High-pressure pumps & units


Full catalog – Hammelmann high-pressure pumps and units

Hammelmann high-pressure pumps and units are designed for continuous operation and heavy-duty industrial use. The performance and results are determined by the operating pressure and flow rate, and a range of different combination options are available according to your individual requirements. Together with our customers, we develop suitable solutions for the corresponding application, whether stationary or mobile or with diesel or electric units.


Individual product data sheets and catalogs

High-pressure pumps (individual data sheets)


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Diesel units


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Electric units


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Practical & application systems


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Industrial high-pressure application systems

Full catalog – industrial high-pressure application systems

In order to utilize the power of water, tools are required that are designed accordingly and tailored optimally to the respective task. While Hammelmann high-pressure pumps provide the high-pressure water, we additionally offer a comprehensive selection of water jet tools. You benefit from an all-round package of high-pressure technology that is based on the knowledge and experience gained from both areas and perfectly synchronized.


Ship cleaning systems


Full catalog – ship industry

Efficient corrosion protection thanks to innovative high-pressure water jet technology. Hammelmann ship cleaning systems work with the latest and most innovative high-pressure water jet technology. Discover the advantages of using a sophisticated cleaning system and benefit from economical and environmentally friendly solutions.


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Industrial water jet cutting & Common Rail


Full catalog – Water jet cutting

Energy efficient cutting with quickly reacting Hammelmann plunger pump systems.


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Individual product data sheets and catalogs


Process pumps

Logo Hammelmann Process pumps

Full catalog – Hammelmann process pumps

Hammelmann process pumps prove their worth on a daily basis in a wide range of applications. These include the injection of methanol and glycol, pressing in of production water, dosing of co-monomers for producing LDPE, in the fatty alcohol process, in high-pressure extraction, when descaling steel, in fiber meshing and in many other processes.


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Purchase & Suppliers

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Service & customer service




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Jobs & training


Training brochure

Start your career at an innovative, modern company. In our training brochure, you can find out more about becoming an apprentice at Hammelmann and what it means to work at a company with a strong international focus. Get an overview of our different apprenticeships and the many benefits of in-depth professional training at Hammelmann.


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Code of ethics


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Trade fairs & events

Trade fairs & events

Experience Hammelmann up close and personal at one of our trade fairs or events. Experience the latest innovations live.

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Hammelmann on social media

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Hammelmann international

Hammelmann international

Hammelmann can be found on every continent. Find out more about our locations, companies and representatives worldwide.

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