Cut your energy bill!
Cut your energy bill!
Fast switching and energy efficient

Fast switching electrical unit

Energy efficient supply of multiple waterjetting tools with a single Hammelmann plunger pump system


High pressure technology is used in many industries and trades: for gentle cleaning, surface preparation, deburring, paint stripping or roughening. Using a central high-pressure unit, several tools, such as blasting guns or tank cleaning units, can be supplied individually or simultaneously. The work or wash stations can be attached to the central high-pressure supply unit via a closed circular pipeline.


Matched power requirement

Top quality components

Big savings on energy costs

High parts availability

High-performance continuous duty

Fast and comprehensive service

Energy efficient

Retrofitting to existing systems is straightforward.


Permanent availability without continuous operation


With fast-switching high-pressure systems, Hammelmann offers an energy efficient solution that provides high-pressure water only when it is needed and therefore only causes energy costs when operation is required. The systems with reluctance motors work precisely and self-regulating, conserving resources, without requiring any changes in an established process.


The use of particularly fast-reacting reluctance motors in combination with the high efficiency of the Hammelmann high-pressure pumps enables the simultaneous and demand-based supply of several waterjetting tools without pressure loss or notable start-up times. Retrofitting or replacing within an existing infrastructure is not a problem. All discharges are ready for use again in the shortest possible time and immediately work more economically and more energetically efficient than before.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Constant availability of high pressure water
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Significant reduction in energy costs
  • Central supply of up to 10 waterjetting tools with just one pump

Demand-based supply of high-pressure water

High energy efficiency

Capable of feeding 10 waterjet tools with a single unit


Energy efficiency means full performance - but only when needed!

Matched power requirement

Matched power requirement

Hammelmann high-pressure pumps make particularly economical use of the energy employed. With these high-pressure systems it is possible to use the exact motor power necessary for the actual task in progress. Additionally the high mechanical and volumetric efficiency of the plunger pump result in considerable energy savings.

Long service life

Long service life

Intelligent design, the use of high-strength materials and precision manufacturing of the components result in a long service life at pressures up to 4500 bar.


Supply via fast switching systems

The continuous availability of high-pressure water at any time requires a great amount of energy when implemented by conventional methods and generates noticeable costs. The pump runs in non-stop operation and it does not matter whether high-pressure waterjet systems are used continuously, frequently or merely on demand.


Energy-saving, responsive and effective


Your work situation

Quickly adapt to changeing workloads of individual applications and keep several areas or jobs under control with just one central pump unit.


The high performance, continuous duty units

High-pressure pump unit HDP 40

High-pressure pump unit HDP 40

High-pressure pump unit HDP 70

High-pressure pump unit HDP 70


Performance table

HDP 40


Continuous operating pressure [bar]

50 - 3800

Flow rate [l/min]

5,2 - 155

Shaft power [kW]

10,4 - 43,4

Installed power [kW]

15 - 71


HDP 70


Continuous operating pressure [bar]

60 - 3000

Flow rate [l/min]

7,2 - 246

Shaft power [kW]

57,3 - 69,8

Installed power [kW]

71 - 86


HDP 140


Continuous operating pressure [bar]

70 - 4000

Flow rate [l/min]

10 - 343

Shaft power [kW]


Installed power [kW]



HDP 200


Continuous operating pressure [bar]

80 - 4000

Flow rate [l/min]

14 - 489

Shaft power [kW]


Installed power [kW]



Supply various application systems with only one unit

Depending on the design and requirements of the workplaces, up to 10 waterjetting tools can be supplied reliably and flexibly by a single high-pressure pump unit.

Jetboy XL

JETBOY working tools


Mechanical assistance for working with single or rotor jets and Aquablast® surface cleaners.

Aquablast® Basic / Basic E

AQUABLAST® Basic / Basic E


The hand-operated floor cleaner with optional direct suction has been designed for universal use and it makes possible numerous applications. A rotating spray bar ensures that you achieve optimum cleaning performance.

Aquamat® S



The smallest of our Aquamat tank cleaning units impresses with its patented HPS technology, which is also used in our Masterjet rotor jets.

High-pressure spray guns

High-pressure spray guns


High-pressure spray guns allow for ergonomic and safe handling of all water tools attached to them.


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