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Typical applications in cleaning technology:


Removal of rust and paint from oil platforms

Removal of maritime vegetation for underwater inspections on welding seams and screw connections

Surface preparation in accordance with NACE/SSPC Standard “WJ1/SC2”

Cleaning heat exchangers, pipes


Surface cleaning and preparation, cleaning of helipads

Abrasive cutting in explosion hazard areas, cutting pipelines, vessels, bulkheads, etc.


Typical applications in process technology:

Process technology
Hammelmann Process pumps

Injection of methanol, glycol, production water, corrosion protection agents, crude oil, CO2, chemicals, defoaming agents and separators, seawater and cleaning water, flame-retardant hydraulic fluids, oil-based hydraulic fluids, process water.


Examples of products and performances for offshore operation


E 3000-07 high-pressure pump The high-pressure pump unit E 3000-07 was developed for surface treatment in the offshore industry.

E 3000-07
Explosion protection for Zone 1
Selectable operating voltage

400V / 50 Hz
460V / 60 Hz
690V / 50 Hz

Extremely low power to weight ratio
Compact dimensions

1500 x 1050 x 1500 mm

  • ATEX 94/9/EC
  • EN S OO 14
  • NORSOK Standard Z-015 Temporary Equipment


E 2500-07 high-pressure pump With a space requirement of less than one cubic metre, the E 2500-07 high-pressure pump unit is ideal for use in confined spaces.

E 2500-07

Extremely low power to weight ratio

Only 750 kg

Ideal for on-board use
Very little space required

Width: 550 mm
Length: 1360 mm
High: 1360 mm

Ideal for use in tight spaces, such as in gangways on ships or offshore platforms.

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