Ship industry

Hammelmann Ship cleaning systems


Efficient corrosion protection thanks to innovative high-pressure water jet technology

Hammelmann ship cleaning systems work with the latest and most innovative high-pressure water jet technology. Discover the advantages of using a sophisticated cleaning system and benefit from economical and environmentally friendly solutions.
Advantages in the ship industry
  • Reduced docking times
  • Subsequent cleaning not necessary
  • Uniform contact pressure
  • Very high performance
  • No damage to surrounding areas
  • Removed material is compacted
  • Can be used in all weather conditions
  • Little manpower required
Advantages in the ship industry

Environmentally friendly

  • No dust build-up
  • Hundred times less removal residue
  • Suctioning off, filtration and disposal
  • Easy separation of waste and water
  • Suctioned material filtered and stored
Vorteile in der Schiffsindustrie
  • Removal down to the original coating
  • No residues
  • No post-processing required
  • Uniform removal
  • Improved adhesion of new coatings
  • Highest quality surface finish
  • Pre-treatment in line with NACE/SSPC
Advantages in the ship industry
  • No risk of silicosis or other respiratory diseases
  • Reduced physical stress compared to work with hand lances
  • Vacuum reduces noise emissions caused by jets

Performance examples of the Hammelmann corrosion protection systems

Wa 2 ½ / WJ 2

Wa 2½: Very thorough high-pressure water jet

WJ 2: Very thorough cleaning

Wa 2 / WJ 3

Wa 2: Thorough high-pressure water jet

WJ 3: Thorough cleaning

Wa 1 / WJ 4

Wa 1: Light high-pressure water jet

WJ 4: Light cleaning


Perfect interaction in a closed system


Work simultaneously with full safety.
For maximum effectiveness.




The DOCKBOY is a remote controlled cleaning vehicle for the ship industry. With working heights from 0 - 13 m, it is ideal for working on the hull bottom.




The DOCKMATE is a remote controlled cleaning vehicle with a separate high-pressure unit. With a working height of 32 m, it is designed for work on the hull.




SPIDERJETS® are highly mobile, self-adhesive cleaning vehicles with maximum manoeuvrability and high area performance. Suitable for every challenge.


Practical application examples

  • Removal of old paint layers from ship walls
  • Remove paint from intermediate surfaces and work around tight contours
  • Thoroughly clean and remove paint from ship's roundings
  • (Semi-) automatic operation, without fixed yard installations
  • Clean and remove paint from ship bottoms quickly and easily
  • Prepare ship surfaces NACE/SSPC compliant
  • Prepare ships ideally for corrosion protection
  • Derusting of metal surfaces

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