Chemistry and petrochemistry

Chemistry and petrochemistry

  • Cleaning tanks and containers
  • Cleaning of ducts, pipelines, ash water pipes, exhaust pipes, etc.
  • Cleaning of filter units, filter presses and filter sieves
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers, condensers, coolers, etc.
  • Cleaning of reactors and autoclaves
  • Clean and remove paint from grids
  • Manual cleaning of industrial equipment, components, machines, tools, etc.
  • Disinfect and decontaminate
  • (Abrasive) cutting in explosion-proof areas

Typical application examples from process technology:

  • Hammelmann offers innovative process technology to support climate-friendly environmental technologies. From the individual pump to the complete system.
  • Pumping adhesives, including those containing solvents with high viscosity, requires process pumps that have been specially developed for these fluids.
  • Feed water pumps are used to convey feed water from the tank to the steam generator. This can be used in a range of different engineering processes.
  • LDPE (low-density polyethylene) is an odorless, flavorless, non-toxic polymer that is manufactured at high pressure and high temperatures.
  • Powerful, efficient process pumps and fatty acid pumps used in (oleo) chemistry are used to convey fluids such as fatty acids, fatty alcohol, methyl ester or glycerin.
  • Process pumps are used in many areas in plastic manufacturing, such as for pumping ammonia and other fluids.
  • Wet oxidation with high pressure, high temperature and the supply of oxygen can be used to oxidize or neutralize substances found in wastewater.
Process pumps

Process pumps

Hammelmann process pumps prove themselves every day in a wide range of applications. Get an overview of a wide range of performance classes.


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