Hammelmann introduces 3 new products


Hammelmann expands its product range - the Spiderjet® M Edge is the newest addition to the Spiderjet® family and, in addition to excellent removal results, offers increased maneuverability, which makes working on edges and on intermediate surfaces easier. The new flange cleaner for use with rotor jets that enables the safe and reliable cleaning of flanges and sockets. To improve work ergonomics, Hammelmann offers the Jetboy XL, a mobile work aid for use with water tools, which absorbs recoil forces and supports the operator during high pressure work. Find out everything about the new products.

Spiderjet® M Edge

Product news #1


Surface preparation with an edge


The Spiderjet® M Edge is the newest addition to Hammelmann’s unique product family for semi-automatic surface preparation and paint removal.

 The Spiderjet® M Edge attaches to the work surface with permanent magnets and the vacuum system immediately retrieves waste water and removed solids off the surface. The drive wheels placed directly behind the Aquablast® surface cleaner enable a particularly narrow construction while utilizing the full working width. As a result, the Spiderjet® M Edge is great for removing paint from intermediate surfaces or working around narrow contours and on edges.

Flange cleaner for rotor jets

Product news #2

MASTERJET flange cleaner

360° clean


Hammelmann offers a special, compressed air-driven cleaning device for thorough and gentle cleaning of pipe flanges and sockets.

The flange cleaner for rotor jets makes work safety and quality when cleaning flanges a simple and quickly repeatable task. With the adjustable centering bar and the changeable high-pressure water tool, the system can be ideally adapted to the cleaning task without great effort.

Jetboy XL

Product news #3


Zero recoil = zero stress


The Jetboy XL is suitable for high-pressure blasting work (washing, cleaning and removal) up to 3200 bar. The jet recoil of the water tool is compensated for using a safe stand and counterweights and makes changing the distance and rotation equally convenient.

The simple, tool-free adjustment of the working height enables a quick adjustment of the work position for each respective operator and allows perfect adaption to the working conditions. The improved ergonomics increase safety and allow the operator to work more consistently and with greater concentration.


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