Hammelmann supports Oelder Tisch e.V.


Oelder Tisch

Hammelmann supports Oelder Tisch e.V.

Nonprofit organization receives donation of €10,000


“As an internationally operating company, we have had our roots in Oelde ever since the company was founded here 70 years ago and have been supporting local for many years. The heart of the company is located here, our employees and their families are at home here. This year we are donating to the Oelder Tisch e.V. to make a clear mark in our hometown, and to make life more worth living for everyone here,” says Burkhard Helmig, Managing Director of Hammelmann GmbH, as part of the check handover at the Oelder Tisch facility. 

Since 2008, the Oelder Tisch e.V., as a non-profit organization, has provided people in need with food and everyday items. The idea is captivatingly simple: groceries shortly before the expiry date, bread and cake from the previous day, fruit and vegetables with small flaws, are collected by volunteers at the grocery stores and given to those in need for a small fee. In order to make the operation possible, the association relies on donations and voluntary support.

Klemens Geissen, 1st chairman of the Oelder Tisch, is pleased: “A donation of this size is worth more to us than the actual amount on the check. We can look into the new year with peace of mind and be sure that we can continue to help many families in 2020.

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