New food processing plunger pump presented at Cibus Tec


During the recent Cibus Tec Exhibition, Parma, Italy - one of the most important trade fairs for food technology - Hammelmann GmbH presented a new pump of the HAMPRO series. Designed specifically for use in the food industry, this special unit combines technical innovative with the proven Hammelmann high-pressure technology to enable high pressure pasteurization at 4000 bar.

HAMPRO plunger pump for food processing

The pump

All components that come into contact with the pumped medium are FDA-certified and approved for food processing. The high-pressure plunger seal utilizes the patented Hammelmann sealing system with metallic sealing bushes and carbide plungers to minimize the risk of food contamination from seal abrasion.


High-pressure pasteurization as an application

High pressure pasteurization drastically reduces the thermal impact on food, leaving valuable ingredients such as vitamins and natural colors and flavors unchanged. In contrast to conventional high-pressure processes, in which the pressure is transferred to the food via a transfer fluid and a plastic container, the Hammelmann pump allows direct compression of liquid foods. As a result, even high production quantities can be pasteurized with low expenditures on equipment. In addition, the texture of the food can be specifically influenced, which allows the design of new products with modified product properties.


Further information and technical details of the pump can be found in the brochure.

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