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Mechanical metal processing

Improved drilling performance
at 50 to 700 bar
Improved cutting Performance
Controlled chip breaking
thanks to cooling and dynamic force
Longer service life of the cutting edges
Significant improvement
in surface finish
Reduction of the hourly rates for machines
The pumps are equipped with a frequency-controlled electric motor for adjusting the flow rate and pressure according to the corresponding tool.

Filter station for coolant with differential pressure display, consisting of 4 or 6 stainless steel filter housings with replaceable textile filter inserts of 5 µ and 1 µ, depending on the coolant.


Typical applications in process technology:


Coolant-assisted metal processing

Assistance during chip removal

Process technology

Typical examples in cleaning technology:

Cleaning of machine components, production plants, workshops, hall floors
Cleaning of filter systems, pipelines

Examples of products and performances

HDP 42

Operating pressure:
20 - 1000 bar

Flow rate:
20 - 120 l/min.

Drive power:
40 kW

HDP 72

Operating pressure:
20 - 1000 bar

Flow rate:
30 - 250 l/min.

Drive power:
70 kW

HDP 122

Operating pressure:
20 - 1000 bar

Flow rate:
60 - 350 l/min.

Drive power:
120 kW


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